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Testimonial from a Real Bride! 

Real Bride!

(Just to give you an idea of what your day will be like if you hire

Kelly T Beauty for your Bridal Hair & Make-up Services...)


"I knew after my hair and make-up trial that Kelly was the right choice. After the trial, I went home to my fiancé (now Husband!), we went outside to take some photos and after a few minutes, looking at me through the lens, he started to tear up, saying that I was so beautiful and that he could not wait for our special day! I had expressed concerns about the uneven shape of my eyes and how, in some photos, they appear with one bigger than the other. With that in mind, Kelly was attentive in making sure that my eyes looked the best that they could, expertly with eyelid tape and lots of lashes, my eyes looked perfect in every shot!

Kelly was warm and friendly and we bonded over a mutual love of baking! She was professional and had lots of little tricks, to work efficiently, like a magnetic wrist band, she brought her own mirrors and lighting (there is a beautiful photo of my reflection whilst watching my flower girl practice throwing her flowers), made my fringe higher to elongate my face.


Leading up to the day, Kelly communicated well, answering emails and texts promptly. She made sure that we were well prepared before the big day and had all the information we needed in terms of timing.


For a makeup novice like myself, Kelly was the perfect balance of listening to what I wanted and making suggestions as to what would look amazing on me and she was right! Every photo taken was flawless!

Along the way, my stress manifested on my skin and Kelly was comforting about it all, she took care of the major blemishes such that it left no trace! She helped me find a tanning salon because I had made the mistake of getting sunburnt a few weeks beforehand (ladies, don't get any sun tan lines!!).


On the day, Kelly was on early, in good spirits and well prepared with her whole kit and lighting and mirror! After setting up, she and her assistant took care of my Mum and Sister. Kelly was patient, despite my multitasking and giving instructions to everyone around me as to what needed to be done. She was also patient with my niece who was asking 100 questions about make up! She encouraged me to just relax and surrender myself to the process, it felt like I had not stopped moving for 2 weeks straight and so the moment I started to relax and forget about all that needed to be done and everything that could have gone wrong, I started to enjoy myself. I started thinking and talking about what the day would bring, what I was most excited about, I quickly became more relaxed and calm. I really must thank her for giving me that.


After the make up and hair were completed, Kelly stuck around to help make sure I got into my dress, show my sister how to attach the veil. She was such a great help and having worked with our photo video team recently, they all worked together to make sure I got out of the house early! By the end of the night, the hair withstood the wind and dancing, the make up withstood plenty of kissing and hugs!


Looking at the photos now, I am so grateful I was introduced to Kelly. She made the day truly special and made me completely secure in how I looked.  The photos just go to show her artistry and great work! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for making me look so stunning!"


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